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Spark Joy. Build Community.

When Julie started CU Lockdown Trivia (CULT) from her home in Urbana, Illinois, in March 2020, she had no idea the game would have such a wide impact. The monthly Friday night games now bring together players from across the U.S. and beyond! Since 2020, the Friday night games generated $50,000 in donations to non-profit organizations. There is absolutely no requirement to donate nor cost to play on Fridays. All are welcome.

Julie spends approximately 12 hours per week organizing and running each Friday night event. Other costs include a professional Zoom account, email service, website hosting, and Pandora.

Support from weekly players and Patreon subscribers support Julie's labor and costs, ensuring the on-going mission of CULT. Thank you for helping Julie continue to grow this joyful community.

Two Ways to Support CULT



You are invited to help sustain Julie's work and the mission of CULT by giving periodically as you are able via PayPal or Venmo.



Support from Patreon subscribers will ensure the on-going mission of CULT. Subscribers have access to unique content and vote on theme-nights.

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