Special Events Calendar

OCTOBER 21 (in person)
Cafe & Co Trivia

Join Julie in person at Cafeteria & Company on Thursday, October 21 for a night of trivial fun! No fee to play and no sign up needed. Prizes for top teams!

208 W. Main St., Urbana

Start time: 7pm


OCTOBER 27 (online)
Grad School Trivial Fun!

Join (past UIUC grad student) Julie at 7pm CT on Wed, Oct 27,  for a night of online trivia fun to celebrate Grad Student Appreciation Week. We will play four rounds of trivia, including general knowledge, pop culture, and graduate school in the movies.

Gather your team (max 6 players) and sign up by 10/27 @ 9am. Zoom invites sent out by noon. Sign up today!

Old Study

DECEMBER 4 (online)
Spurlock Museum Trivia

Join Julie on Saturday, December 4 @ 7:30pm for a night of trivia sponsored by Spurlock Museum.


More information about the event coming soon!

Modern White Building


Stay tuned. More trivial adventures await you in 2021!

Mountain Biking

OCTOBER 23 (online)
Monsters, Marvels, and Myths: Mole Day Musings on Science Misconceptions

Join Julie at 7pm CT on Saturday, October 23, for a night of trivia sponsored by IGB. Rounds will include Cinematic Science, Chemistry Conundrums, COVID Confusion, and Captivating Cryptids. Fun guaranteed!

Sign up your team (max 6 players) by Oct 23 @ 9am.

Face Mask

November 13 (online)
Waste Not, Want Not!

Join Julie at 7:30pm via Zoom on Saturday, November 13 for a night of trivial fun sponsored by Champaign County Environmental Stewards.

Sign up now!

Environment Activists Protest

Date TBD (online)
Blues Dance Trivia

Join Julie on Saturday, October 16 @ 7:30pm for a fun night of trivia in connection with the Spurlock Museum Blues Dancing and It's African Roots exhibition.


Teams (max 6 players) do not need to be located in the C-U area—feel free to bring together friends and family from across the country to join in the fun. POSTPONED

African American dancer performing over dark background.jpg