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A beautiful thank you note to Julie from the CU Lockdown Trivia community to celebrate the beginning of a new year.
Featuring Nicole Frydman singing "Thank You for Being a Friend."

Who knew trivia could be such a beautiful thing? What makes Julie's trivia different from other trivia nights I've participated in is that it includes questions for a diverse bunch of people. It is not US or white people-centric… It honors lots of different cultural traditions, which makes it a really inclusive environment… I feel more... hopeful after trivia night.


We're a close-knit group, graduated in the 1980's, and have had reunions more or less every other year since 2007. We leapt at the opportunity to hang out with each other and have fun on Friday nights, and we've found a home with you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Julie, for bringing kindness and joy to the world. I look forward to Friday night trivia - not just to spend time with old friends, but to spend time with new.


We are very pleased every week to do this, both to feel a part of a broader community and (selfishly) to see our children and sometimes grandchildren. It's not the only time we do this, certainly, but bringing everyone together for a purpose is great.


When trivia started I realized it was 1) an excuse to regularly "get together" with friends, especially in lockdown, 2) a unique and magical opportunity to introduce my friends from both coasts to each other [and now, the Midwest, too], and 3) a really awesome trivia game!


Whenever there's an event that is raising money for a charitable organization that would usually come out of my entertainment budget, I'm excited to use that money to give to a good cause. It's like I get double my money's worth - I'd pay for the event, and then also get to increase my giving for that month!


My team is my family, who are divided up across four states! It's been so fun to have this way to hang out. We've had to cancel multiple family trips and I haven't gotten to see my brother in person for over a year. When one of us can't make it we rotate in different friends, which has been a fun way for some close friends to get to know my family better.


I love your carefully curated play list of fun music each week.


Trivia has been the 'light at the end of tunnel' every week especially in light of corona and the election and every other thing that has made life super stressful this year.


We're spread across the country in Brooklyn, New Hampshire, and Illinois. We all like games and this has brought us closer together as a blended family.


The just-for-fun tone is perfect. It has been something to look forward to at the end of each week through a strange time, and we're grateful. Many thanks!

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