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Welcome to CU Lockdown Trivia
with Host Julie Laut

Wherein a bookworm and activist in Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, missing friends and craving connection, created an online trivia game in March 2020. That small spark blossomed into hundreds of (non)trivial gatherings, which have raised over $60,000 for non-profits to date. Join CULT as we continue to spark joy and build community.

The Monthly Game

How It Works

Cogs in the Machine

One Friday night per month, teams come together via Zoom for some seriously trivial run. Find out how the game works.

Custom Events
On Air Sign

Julie Laut, Trivia Host Extraordinaire, can create a custom game for your family, friends, charity, or professional organization. Learn more about commissioning a game.

About Julie

Julie Laut, PhD, started CU Lockdown Trivia in March of 2020 to build community and bring us all together, at home.



CU Lockdown's (CULT) Friday night games raise money for community efforts in the Champaign-Urbana, Illinois, area and across the Midwest. Learn more about our partner organizations!

Sustain CULT

Help defray the costs of running the game (Julie's labor, Zoom account, professional Gmail account, web hosting, etc.). Use Patreon for ongoing support and PayPal or Venmo for periodic support.


CU Lockdown Trivia has created joy and built community since March 2020. Read players' reactions to the game.

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